Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bobby is 1 month old!

I am sorry it has been so long since my last post. I have just been having so much fun with Bobby that I have not had a chance to sit down and upload all the pictures!

Bobby loves to swing in his little lamb swing. He spends at least 30 minutes everyday in the swing while mommy gets the house straightened up or so she can study.

Nana and PopPop taking Bobby out on a walk around the park. We are so lucky to have both sets of grandparents so close.

For Bobby's first Thanksgiving we went to his Nana and PopPop's (Robby's parents) house and had a delicious brunch followed by lounging in the den watching the parade and football while we all played with Bobby. We then went to Maughy and Papa's (my parents) house and had a big traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Robby and I were so stuffed by the end of the day that we were ready to sleep for 12 hours... too bad Bobby did not feel that way as he decided to make it the most sleepless night thus far! It was so hard to even get out of bed and stay awake while he was all smiles and wide eyed at 3:00AM. We obviously have a lot to be thankful for this year... we truely are blessed with a wonderful family, friends, health and a new born precious baby boy!My parents have seven grandkiddos now! I think I took 10 pictures and could not get one where everyone was looking at the camera. You can see how proud my parents are of all the kids!

Bobby's 7 month old cousin Jackson apparently called Bobby to figure out what to wear for Thanksgiving :).

Here is Bobby during tummy time. He rolled over 3 times when he was 3 weeks old... and for those of you who are wanting to google "when do babies usually roll over?" It is usually around 2-3 months! We have an overachieving baby on our hands, he'll be performing open-heart surgery with a ballpoint pen by 16! When mommy and Bobby leave to run around town, Bobby gets bundled up in his little blue bear fleece sack. He looks so darn cute in this that I just want to squeeze him!Bobby's big smile! How it just melts my heart!
Here are more adorable pics of the little guy...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Robert Charles Arthur II "Bobby" is here!

Robert Charles Arthur, Jr is here! He was born October 30, 2010 at 10:46am and weighed 7lbs 5oz measuring 19in long. It is amazing looking back how everything was pointing to us going into the hospital that night. It all started at 3:30am when I was not sure if my water broke or not and Robby woke up and said, "are you sure your water broke?" I had not even said anything to him. I then went to my parents house later that day, when I walked in the door my dad said that I was going to be having the baby tonight. Next, Robby and I decided it was time to get our new camera so we could have it ready for Sunday night, when I was going to be getting induced. Around 5:00pm before Robby and I headed to McCormick and Schmicks for our last dinner as just the two of us it felt like my water was slowly trickling out (sorry if too much information but that is how it happened). I started thinking about how my mom told me we should get our car packed just in case something happened that night. So I took my mom's advice and told Robby to get his bag packed. While on our way to dinner we decided I would call our doctor and get checked out after dinner just in case... Well after a delicious dinner we headed to the hospital where we found out pretty quickly we were going to be staying and having the baby. If I had a camera in my hands when the doctor told us this, you would see Robby with a pale white face and a freaked out look on his face. Of course he got himself pulled back together and we called our parents to let them know the very exciting news! We were going to get to meet Baby Artie very soon!

To keep a long exciting story short... I was in labor for 13 1/2 hours and at 10:46am Saturday morning our lives changed forever and we saw that we had a beautiful baby boy! Robert Charles Arthur ll "Bobby". Below are pictures of our sweet baby boy.
Thank you all for coming to visit us in the hospital, bringing dinners by, sending congratulatory messages and so much more. We really don't know how we ever lived without Bobby in our lives. He is such an amazing little boy and we feel truly blessed.
I will be keeping you all posted on Bobby but probably not on a weekly basis anymore... sorry I will be spending time with him :).