Monday, May 30, 2011

Bobby is 7 months old!

Bobby Angel is 7 months old!!! We just can not believe how much our lives have changed, for the better with our sweet boy.

Bobby and daddy on Easter Sunday. We had so much fun watching all the cousins run around the yard trying to find eggs and candy. In only a couple more years Bobby will be joining in on all the fun!

Here is the Bobsters with his "middle brother", Oliver. Bobby loves it when the dogs lick his feet and hands. When he is finished eating his breakfast and dinner he holds his hands over his highchair and reaches for the dogs so they will lick his hands clean. Don't worry, I do wash his hands after.

Bobby and Nana with his new helmet. He has a mildly flat head and the helmet will help round it out in just a few months. He doesn't seem to mind it too much, his mom on the other hand can not stand it. I can no longer kiss his sweet little head while I hold him or his round little cheeks. But I guess it is something we should do. Lets just say I make up for those kisses when his helmet is off for a couple hours a day! Isn't he just so sweet!?

Bobby is doing so much over the past few months. He is so strong that he just pulls himself right up so can see what is going on in the room. I think he really thinks he is king of the world when he stands up because the smile on his face just makes you melt!
Bobby and mommy playing before bedtime. Bobby is trying so hard to figure out how to clap his hands.
I am determined to keep everyone updated from here on out on a monthly basis or less.