Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One day...

Things I need to remind myself on days that I feel like pulling my hair out.

One day I will walk down stairs and there will be no toys to clean up, no reason to make a big pot of coffee because I had a sleepless night of comforting my toddler who isn't feeling good, had a nightmare or just wants mommy.  Soon I won't be getting up to feed my sweet baby in the middle of the night and watch him smile at me when it is just me and him in the darkness.

One day the laundry won't be tiny little shirts, shorts and onsies that smell of sweet gently dreft.

One day my shirts won't smell of baby spit up and have stains all down the back of me.  

One day my arms won't be holding my tiny babies that want me to carry them to the car, their beds, up the stairs or just want me to hold them tight.

Why do we want to rush this time?  Why can't we just sit back and enjoy the beautiful ride of raising our children?  

Today, my house may be clean, or it may be dirty if someone stops by.  I don't care I am going to play, snuggle and squeeze my little ones cause they won't be little forever!

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