Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wow life has flown by!

My sweet Bobby has grown from such a fun, loving little stinker to a wonderfully sweet three year old.  He is also a big brother times two!  Hadley Jane went from three months to Two years in a flash and our new baby James Blaine that we call Jimmy is almost three months old!

Over the last three years I have had the best and toughest moments of my life.  Learning how to keep my patience with not only one toddler but two had been a little more difficult than I thought and I have learned so much with each time I have lost it.  I try to remind myself when the kiddos start to challenge me that this is how they are learning so many things and teaching me so many things at the same time.

Since sweet Jimmy was born it is almost as if I am a whole new mom.  My anxiety I had with Bobby about being the perfect mom that can still do everything is gone. I now know if I don't get dinner made or the house cleaned up then we will just order out or make grilled cheeses and the house can wait until after kids go to bed. I know my husband would like homemade dinners but he now understands I don't just sit on the couch and do nothing all day.  I have yet to find more than 30 minutes in any day where I am just sitting on the cough relaxing before kids are sound asleep for the night. If the kids are playing well together I am doing laundry, trying to figure what I might be making for dinner, cleaning up, feeding a baby or sometimes taking deep breaths to try and help me see past the mess of the house and just dive in and play with the kids.

I absolutely love my life with all the ups and downs that keep it more interesting.

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